From clients:

“John, you’ve mentored me for over ten years now. You and Marian walked me through many trials as I got out of prison for the third time. My whole family is indebted to you. We’re doing great.”

“When you asked me to leave the aftercare center, you showed me tough love. It was my wake up call. I always ‘got away’ with everything before. Now I’m living with mom, holding a good job and staying off drugs. I’ll never forget you.”

From other ministries:

“Wow, John, thanks! You really helped us out in finding a new director for our ministry. You went overboard by driving here and meeting with us twice and then designing the recruiting flyer. You helped us find the right man.”


“Thanks for the good job in writing our Board of Director’s Manual. You managed to cover all the issues. Our new board is off to a good start!”

“You two have made a big difference in our aftercare home. You have been true friends and supporters through thick and thin. You’ve run the home while I was out of town, helped edit or create most of our documents, counseled with staff, and us stood up for us in trials and prayed with us. We now have been open for one year and can’t imagine it without you.”

“I just got your aftercare manual. Man, did you hit a home run! It’s just what we need. Please send me 8 more copies so every board member can have one.”

“I’ve been teaching your Preparing for Success on the Outside for two years now. The inmates love it and the material is top notch. Thanks.”

Preparing for Success on the Outside won the Texas Governor’s award in 2003 for The Most Innovative Program.

“As a chaplain, I’ve seen many volunteers come and go over the years in prison. I really look up to you and thank you for all the help you have given others. Your program is the most requested one here on the unit.”